American Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2014

  • On the Dependence of Planetary Spin on Mass

    Francesco Meneguzzo, Lorenzo Albanese

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2014
    Pages: 27-33
    Received: 26 June 2014
    Accepted: 9 July 2014
    Published: 20 July 2014
    Abstract: The recent direct spectroscopic observation of the spin of the young gas giant exoplanet β Pictoris b was a powerful clue as to the general validity of the trend of the planetary spin with the mass even outside the Solar System. Nevertheless, the spin-mass relationship, which looks like to hold irrespective of the planet composition and radius, is ... Show More
  • Compactified Dimensions as Produced by Quantum Entanglement, the Four Dimensionality of Einstein’s Smooth Spacetime and ‘tHooft’s 4-ε Fractal Spacetime

    Mohamed S. El Naschie

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, May 2014
    Pages: 34-37
    Received: 8 June 2014
    Accepted: 28 July 2014
    Published: 10 August 2014
    Abstract: We show how Einstein’s four dimensionality of spacetime arises via a Hardy quantum entanglement form of compactification acting on Veneziano bosonic strings space. In turn this quantum entanglement mechanism is directly connected to the transfinite version of Heterotic string’s dimensional hierarchy, i.e. 26, 16, 10, 6, 4 and leads directly to ‘tHo... Show More